One of the advantages of working with a top water management system service for all your water billing and meter installation needs is that you never have to worry about the details. You can trust the installation to go as planned right down to the choice of the water meter fittings.

A very big issue on many installations is companies using people without meter installation experience. Top companies always use their own employees who only provide meter installation services. This means when these professionals show up at the job they already understand which fittings to use with the different models and types of water meters.

Often it is in what appears to be the small details that problems occur on an installation. When tens or hundreds of meters need to be reworked due to the wrong water meter fittings, the cost can quickly add up.

Understanding Meter Models

While all meters will need specific fittings for the installation, some companies may try to use additional fittings to place a meter in a location other than where it will optimally function.

This will result in the installation, but these meters are more likely to have immediate leaks or for leaks to begin to occur in the fittings over time. It is essential to keep in mind that any place there is a fitting there is a risk of a leak if it is not correctly prepped, tightened and checked by the installer.

To inexperienced or untrained installers, the installation may look fine, but to an experienced professional the mistakes are obvious. In reality, a professional meter installer would simply choose another, more appropriate meter model or otherwise make adjustments to the pipes rather than trying to use mismatched water meter fittings to simply get the job done.