For any type of commercial food preparation areas kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa should be a priority as part of an effective and safe routine. Many restaurant and kitchen managers fail to schedule regular inspections of the kitchen exhaust system, which allows dangerous amounts of grease to form within the system.

Without routine kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, the risk of a fire within the exhaust system becomes much higher. The more the kitchen is used, in particular the stove and fryer areas, the larger the amount of grease in the air entering into the exhaust fans. When the small particles of grease cool they coat the inside of the system, creating the perfect environment for a fire.

The Standards

There are standards for kitchen hood cleaning provided by the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96. This is also known as the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

The standard not only addresses kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, it also includes design and installation of kitchen exhaust systems, inspection and testing requirements as well as maintenance of all types of related equipment in the kitchen area. It contains specifications for fans, fire suppression systems and the location of combustibles and grease removal devices.

However, many restaurant owners and managers go above the basic minimum standards. This provides additional safety and fire protection through more frequent kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa.

Deep Cleaning

It is essential to understand kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa is more than just cleaning the visible areas of grease collection on the interior and exterior of the exhaust system. While it is essential to keep the hood clean, the grease can travel all through the exhaust system, requiring specialized equipment and understanding of the techniques required to remove the built up layers of grease.

Checking for Problems

A top company offering kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa will also address any system deficiencies or out of compliance issues within the exhaust system. Issues such as residue from grease on the roof or failing exhaust fans will be noted and discussed with the manager.

In addition, if you work with a kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa also offering fire suppression systems specifically for restaurants and kitchens, you can provide higher levels of protection for your investment, your staff, and your customers. By being proactive in both cleaning as well as fire suppression systems, you can have a very safe and clean environment for everyone.

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