Sustaining an injury at the hands of another person or entity can be a life changer. After the injury, it may be impossible to work for a period of time. The situation could even be permanent. When this is the case, it pays to consult a personal injury lawyer in Braintree, MA and find out what can be done. Here are some of the ways a lawyer can help.

Assessing the Circumstances Surrounding the Injury

While there is no doubt that the client was injured, it is necessary to determine if the situation does, indeed, qualify as a personal injury under current laws and statutes. This will mean a personal injury lawyer in Braintree, MA, will want to delve deeply into every aspect of the case. This includes events leading up to the actual injury and what sort of activity took place immediately afterward. By essentially recreating the situation from beginning to end, it is possible to decide if the client has a good chance of winning a personal injury case. Visit the website to get more details.

Seeking a Settlement

After the case is filed with the court, the personal injury lawyer in Braintree, MA, will likely be open to the idea of negotiating a settlement with the opposing counsel. This is especially true if the case is strong and there is an excellent chance of winning. At that juncture, the opposing counsel will likely want to sit down at the negotiating table and attempt to work out an arrangement that prevents a long, drawn out legal battle. The lawyer can help the client determine if the settlement offer is reasonable, or if going to court would be the best approach in the long run.

Remember that the work of the lawyer is focused on protecting the rights of the client. For those who need that protection, contact The Law Offices of Graham N. Wright today. After reviewing the facts of the case, it will be much easier to determine if there are grounds for filing a suit, and what type of outcome the client can reasonably expect. In the best case scenario, that outcome would be the funds to cover living and medical expenses related to the injury.