Do you put many hours or miles on your vehicles or equipment? Hard working machines need the best possible care and maintenance. Proper care includes using high-quality lubricants, fuels, and filters. In fact, once lubricants become contaminated, they can create havoc with your machines. Thankfully, some oil distributors in Minneapolis MN offer certified lubricants programs to help keep your lubricants clean and free of contaminants. Here are some reasons to consider these services.

What is Lubricant Contamination?

If your machine has a closed lubrication system, how can contaminants enter? This can happen when someone is adding lubricant to the crankcase. Someone may not put back a plug or not properly reinstall a cap. If an operator or maintenance person does not install lubricant properly, debris may enter. For example, the area needs to be completely cleaned, and a proper size funnel may also be needed.

Over time, oil filters may get dirty or partially clogged. If not changed regularly, contaminants may get into the lubrication system. This is why you should always change oil and filters at or before the recommended intervals. Contaminants act as abrasives and can damage internal parts.
Cheap oil does not hold up as well as top quality oil from the best oil distributors in Minneapolis MN. Its viscosity can break down quicker, causing excessive wear and tear on parts.

Dealing with Lubricant Contamination

A certified lubricants program can prevent many contamination issues. The top oil distributors in Minneapolis MN offer high-velocity system flushing and reservoir cleaning services. You can take advantage of fluid purification and moisture removal as well as varnish mitigation.

When you have the right oil professionals on your side, you have the best help keeping your equipment in top shape. They can also provide system monitoring and audit services. Whenever you need advice, you may call and talk to your fluid specialists for assistance.