Whether you are new to the area or you have been here all your life you do know that you have to have a reliable heating oil supplier in Mystic CT. It can be very easy to make a bad choice when you are choosing an oil supplier. There are three critical mistakes that people make when they are making the choice of vendors. Understanding what those mistakes can help you to avoid them.

Mistake # 1

Of course it is important to save some money but never at the risk of losing reliability or getting your deliveries on time. Typically, if the rate just sounds too good to be true you will want to do a little more investigation into the company and check to be sure that they are established and have a good reputation for delivering as promised.

Mistake # 2

Not doing your homework when it comes to the firm you are going to deal with. When someone wants your business they will promise a great deal but if they cannot deliver on the promises you can wind up in a bad way when you have no heating fuel. You want to become familiar with the business you are dealing with to ensure that they can back up their promises.

Mistake # 3

Not asking for references. If you are uncomfortable asking the supplier to provide you with references, ask friends and family for the name of the most reliable oil supplier in the area. You may be surprised to hear the same name over and over again because typically when an oil supplier is doing a great job people are not afraid to let you know that is who you should choose.

You will hear a lot about Andersen Oil Company because they have been serving the area for many years and have been providing superior service.