The Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Dentists

Dentists recommend that patients head in twice a year for a professional Dental Cleaning in Colorado Springs CO, yet many patients put these appointments off, underestimating how much of an impact this decision will make regarding their general health. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene has been scientifically linked to some potentially serious illnesses including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and even cancer. While establishing a good home oral hygiene routine can go a long way toward preventing these issues, it doesn’t replace a thorough professional cleaning; read on to find out why.

Prevent Tooth Loss

One of the most common causes of tooth loss in the US is gum disease. This issue can be avoided through adequate preventative care, but that preventative care routine absolutely must include making it to routine dental cleanings. Those who choose to have their teeth cleaned according to their dentists’ recommendations will also help to reduce their chances of developing potentially serious health conditions.

Save Money

Most dental insurance policies cover cleanings, but they may not cover the more extensive dental work that will be required to repair the often severe damage that comes of avoiding the dentist for years at a time. Those who do not have dental insurance will still find that they’ll pay less over time to have their teeth cleaned than they would to have the damage repaired.

Early Diagnosis of Problems

When patients head in for a Dental Cleaning in Colorado Springs CO, they can also expect to go through routine screening procedures for oral cancer and other serious issues. Catching these problems early dramatically improves patient outcomes, whether the problem is extremely serious or just a minor cavity. Patients who don’t head to the dentist twice a year may not even realize that they have broken fillings, fractured teeth, or small cavities beginning to form until it’s too late for reasonable, inexpensive solutions.

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