Tumor Removal Is One of the Services Provided by Veterinarians Today

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Veterinary

No pet owner wants to hear that his or her dog has a cancerous tumor. However, cancer is a common condition in dogs. In fact, about six million dogs receive the diagnosis yearly. While not all tumors are cancerous, all of them should be assessed by your veterinarian.

Mast Cell Tumors

Tumor removal often involves removing mast cell tumors. A mast cell tumor is one of the more common types of skin tumors. These tumors, which grow rapidly, are often itchy and red. The lumps are uncomfortable because they contain histamine. Histamine, which is responsible for allergies, also leads to the manufacturing of excess stomach acid. Therefore, dogs with mast cell tumors are at an increased risk for developing gastrointestinal ulcers.

Dogs that undergo tumor removal for mast cell tumors often include short-faced breeds, such as French bulldogs, Pugs, or Boxers. Tumors are sent to be graded to determine if further treatments will be required.


A lipoma is another type of common tumor. These benign tumors are diagnosed in a variety of dogs. The soft mass is found beneath a dog’s skin and differ in size and, in most instances, are not serious. Tumor removal is only required in this case if the mass distracts a dog when it is engaged in activity.

Histiocytomas are tumors that are related to immune system functioning. The tumors, which are found in younger dogs, often develop in breeds such as the English bulldog, Scottish terrier, Greyhound, or Boston terrier.


Like lipomas, histiocytomas are benign and are normally only removed if they prove to hinder a dog’s movement. The tumors, which are call button tumors, are normally under an inch in size. The red tumors are hairless and raised. These growths often resemble the plasmacytoma tumors found in older dogs. However, tumor removal is often suggested for plasmacytoma tumors or plasma cell growths.

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