The Importance of the Goal Behind In-home Nursing Care

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Healthcare

Are you currently using or looking for in-home nursing care? Have you ever considered whether or not the agency or agencies you have hired or are looking into have a mission in line with your needs? For instance, it is not unusual for a firm to say they focus on quality care. Yet, what about involvement and investment in each, individual client? This is a crucial aspect when choosing your provider, and you will want to take the time to explore the vision and mission of the firms you consider.

Training Is Crucial

When looking into the purpose that guides your options for in-home nursing care, make a point of exploring the types of training provided. This is something that you typically find with agency-based providers rather than registry-based services. Why? Because agencies are the formal employers of their caregivers, and, as such, they are far more invested in the level of training, ongoing education and the commitment their employees develop.

As a simple illustration of this, consider that any caregiver must have proper certifications and licensing. That is a basic, foundational requirement. However, if they are part of an agency and they work for a single company, they will receive a lot more attention from their employer, which translates to a type of training that is in line with that agency’s mission.

It can mean they learn in a one-on-one setting and discover the latest in terms of quality care and optimal outcomes. It also means they have mentoring that can greatly improve their abilities with clients. For example, one firm provides all of their caregivers with ongoing training in their Caregiver Academy. This is a hands-on form of learning that includes best practices, industry standards and more. Caregivers learn what you might expect (quality methods for providing care), but it goes well beyond the “general”. For instance, they learn about establishing connection with clients, ensuring optimal safety in the home (even when the work day is done), creating consistency, and emphasizing all of the little details that ensure optimal quality of life.

Providing good service should not be the extent of a caregiver’s mission: it should go beyond that, and if you wish to enjoy that level of in-home nursing care, contact Capital City Nurses. With hundreds of highly trained providers, they can offer the customized solutions you need. Contact them online or by calling 866-687-7307.

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