Tips When Using Airport Van Service When Traveling

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Transportation

Travel can be pretty stressful. Adding to that stress may be determining what mode of transportation to use to reach the airport for your flight. If you are choosing an airport van service in New York, selecting the one with the best services, price, and reliability is crucial. We have a few tips that you can utilize to schedule a high-quality van service and make sure it picks you up on time to make your flight home.

Planning Matters

It’s best to book your airport van service as early as possible. This ensures your driver will have adequate time to pick you up and get you where you’re going on time. If you aren’t sure how long you should factor in, consider how long it takes to get to the airport and then add on about an hour. This will get you to the location on time even if there is tons of traffic. You may also want to consider that it may take longer when traveling over a holiday or a busy time of day.

Narrowing Down Your Options

Before making a booking request, you should research a handful of services. Visit a few websites to see what reviewers have to say about the company and its customer service. You should also do your research to ensure the companies you are looking at are licensed to provide transportation services in New York. Many of the companies you look at will have similar services, so you may want to ask questions to determine which best fits your needs.

Think About Cost and Customer Base

As with any purchase, it’s important to consider the price. With a cab, you might be charged an initial fee plus a cost for every tenth of a mile traveled. With a shuttle, there might be a flat fee for destinations such as the airport. Talk to the staff at the companies you are considering to determine whether your rate is per person or party and if you will be in the van with other customers.

Van Services in New York

At Great American Charters, we offer airport van services in many airports. We also offer concierge services to make your traveling as simple as possible.

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