Florida has some of the nicest weather at least half the time and half the year. As such, Jacksonville and Miami residents often want to make use of all the warmth and sunshine they can with special windows and doors added onto their homes. A growing trend in doors in Jacksonville is one you might want to consider for your own home. Bi-folding doors in Jacksonville, FL, are floor to ceiling doors that when closed closely resemble large picture windows. When they fold in half (outward or inward, your choice), they become doors that let the sun, warmth, and winds into your home. There are some other perks to installing bi-folding doors in Jacksonville, FL, homes.

People Can Wander in and out of the Home When You Throw a Party

If you are entertaining guests, these doors open to allow guests to mingle and move freely in and out of your home. Guests who may smoke don’t have to go through a traditional door at the front or back of your home. They simply walk through the bi-fold glass doors to go out and come back inside when they’re ready. Drinks are enjoyed on the patio or near a pool, if you install the doors near a pool or patio too.

They Open Easier Than Traditional Patio Doors

Who hasn’t thrown a BBQ and had to meddle with the latches and handles of typical patio doors only to lose plates of food to the ground? These bi-folding doors don’t require that much trouble to open. To learn more about this trend, contact business name.