The Right Way To Maintain Braces

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Dental

For people that wear braces on their teeth the daily care routine is more than simple brushing and flossing. It is not unusual to have to stand in front of the bathroom mirror for a considerable length of time, cleaning the braces one at a time. To ensure that the patient is fully aware of the discipline needed when wearing braces the dentist will discuss the foods that have a tendency to cause problems; foods that should be avoided if at all possible.

If you are wearing braces, plan on cleaning your teeth several times a day, most certainly after every meal and even a snack. Food particles can easily get trapped under the wires or the braces and as many braces are made from metal there is the distinct possibility that acidic foods in particular will cause an unfavorable reaction with the braces. It does not take long for gums and teeth to host bacteria which in turn are the primary cause of infection, all traces of food must be eliminated as soon as possible after a meal.

Although a thorough brushing is a must for those who wear braces in Elmhurst there are many times when even this is not sufficient to remove all evidence of food stuff. For this reason, flossing is also highly recommended. Conventional dental floss is not of much use for people who wear braces; special floss is available; this floss is stiff which makes it quite simple to insert it between the braces. This floss has a texture somewhat “woollier” than normal floss, this makes it easier to clean the entire area; both teeth and braces.

When you are preparing for braces your dentist will normally talk to you about what foods you should avoid. Hard food or crispy foods are especially bad; raw carrots, apples and pretzels should be avoided. Once your braces have been fitted, never chew on ice, ice is extremely strong and it takes a significant force to break it, so much force that the braces can actually shatter. Sticky foods are also something to stay away from; cheese and prunes is a couple of good examples, the same is true for foods with a rubbery texture. Even though you will have been warned there is always the chance that you will succumb to a craving and find yourself indulging in one of these types of foods. If this happens, and it probably will, chew slowly and clean your braces immediately after finishing.

You will be thrilled with the results of wearing your braces but while they are on it is important that you maintain them properly. If you are considering braces in Elmhurst you are invited to make an appointment with Oakbrook Orthodontics. Visit them online at Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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