Being hurt on the job is a possibility in many different types of professions and careers. In some cases, such as construction and other industries, companies are required to provide adequate safety and safe work environments for their employees. However, when this doesn’t happen, and people get hurt, Mt. Vernon workers’ compensation lawyers can be essential in getting the settlement you deserve.

It is important for people to understand that workers’ compensation lawyers don’t just deal with these construction types of injuries. People can be hurt on any job including by being asked to lift something heavy, slipping or falling on an improperly maintained floor in a workplace, or even if you have a non-traumatic type of injury. These can include having to do repetitive movements that end up in making it difficult or impossible to do your job, and restricting your ability to work in your current profession.

But What about Workers’ Compensation?

It seems logical that as an employee if your employer has been paying in to the Workers’ Compensation system, you should have no difficultly if you have to make a claim.

Unfortunately, a great number of workers find out this is not reality. It is often a case of the employer denying an injury occurred on the premises or as part of the scope of the work, or for the claim to be denied because of this or similar reasons. The more complicated the case is, and if the employer is not willing to admit the injury happened on the job, the greater the need to have workers’ compensation lawyers on your case.

Incomplete Settlement Offer

For a large number of employees filing a claim, they may find they are offered a much smaller settlement than anticipated. The settlement many not address your medical bills and wages lost from work, or if you have some type of permanent or disabling injury that will impact your ability to continue in the same job in the future.

Other issues that need the attention of workers’ compensation lawyers include being denied a settlement because of a pre-existing condition or if you are retaliated against at your workplace because you have filed a claim.

Unless there is full agreement on the settlement, and your Mt. Vernon employer is being honest and assisting you to receive a fair settlement, you need to talk to workers’ compensation lawyers. This will provide you with the legal support you need to get the compensation you are entitled to receive.

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