The warmer weather is knocking at the door, and now is a great time to place a call for residential hvac system maintenance in Toledo OH. You can find out now if your air conditioner needs any repairs before the heat and humidity fill your home. Maintenance service helps to eliminate a surprise breakdown that requires emergency service in the middle of the hottest time of the summer. Regular maintenance should be performed because it can eliminate the need for expensive repairs in the future. The unit needs to be cleaned and the refrigerant level should be checked.

Both heating and cooling units in a building should be maintained on a yearly basis. It’s always a better choice to have them checked ahead of the season of use. Loose belts can begin to squeal and could break causing severe damage to the unit. The air conditioning unit has a hose that lets the water drain from the unit. This line can become blocked with dust or debris and should be cleaned. During a Residential HVAC System Maintenance in Toledo OH, a technician will:

* Perform testing on the refrigerant level. If the unit is low, they will check for any leaks.

* Refill the refrigerant. This usually requires an additional charge.

* Thoroughly clean the condensing unit.

* Clean the unit and all of the contacts.

* Check the coil and the drain.

* Check the thermostat to make sure it’s properly operating.

* Calibrate the thermostat if it’s not the proper temperature.

If a home’s air conditioner unit is more than 10 years old, a homeowner should consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient model. The newer models can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs throughout the season. The best way to avoid purchasing a new unit is by keeping the current unit in the best-operating condition possible by having regular maintenance performed. Any small problems can be caught early, and the unit will use less energy.

Don’t wait until the heat and humidity to return to have your air conditioning unit serviced. Feel free to browse our website and find out more information on HVAC units and maintenance.