A trip to a pawn shop in Chicago may not seem like the ideal shopping destination, but there is more to choose from than most people realize. In fact, it makes sense to drop by the shop today and see what’s in stock. Here are some of the things that the shopper will find.

Plenty of Electronics

It’s not unusual for a Pawn Shop in Chicago to offer a wide range of electronics. Some of them are basic items that are found in every home, like televisions and microwave ovens. Some shops will carry a line of desktop and laptop computers that are in great shape. Don’t be surprised to see a few tablets and maybe some unlocked smartphones as well. Given that these and other types of electronics are offered at competitive prices, the shopper may find something that would be great for the home and not have to pay full retail.

Exercise Equipment

It is possible to find exercise equipment at a pawn shop. Most will have a few bicycles on hand, making it easy to get into the habit of making a few laps around the neighborhood. Expect to see a weight bench or two, along with a set of weights. There may even be some more sophisticated equipment available for a great price. The only way to know for sure is to visit the shop and look around.


The birthday of a special someone is coming up soon, but there’s not a lot of money for a gift. One way to stretch the budget is to check out what the pawn shop has in the way of jewelry. Many shops offer an impressive array of earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches. Best of all, they are in great shape and available for prices lower than the local big box store. It’s easy to find a great gift and no one has to know where it was purchased.

Why not take the time to Visit Clark Pawners and Jewelers today? Take time to browse the entire store and see what they have to offer. There’s a good chance of finding at least one thing that is just right for home use or an upcoming occasion.