The Services Provided By An Emergency Veterinary Hospital Near Frederick

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Veterinarian

No matter how responsible a pet owner is, there may still be times when their furry companion becomes injured or sick and requires immediate emergency care. Having an emergency doctor standing by will bring comfort during times of illness, and will allow a pet to get the medical care they need as quickly as possible. A Veterinary Hospital Near Frederick will provide a vast array of services, including the following which will ensure a pet is given the best treatment during a time of need.

Surgical Suite

There are a variety of medical issues that may require surgical interventions, and an emergency vet will have an on-site surgical suite that is outfitted with the latest equipment. In an emergency situation, seconds matter, and facilities that are prepared for trauma will have a team standing by to administer care as quickly as possible. Those not equipped for emergency treatment often struggle to provide adequate, life-saving care.

Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing

One of the biggest challenges during an emergency is determining what is causing the adverse health effects a pet may be experiencing. In some cases, the only way to diagnose a health issue is through the use of diagnostic and laboratory testing, which provides a doctor with insight on what is going on with the various organs within a pet. A Veterinary Hospital Near Frederick should offer a full laboratory in-house so that any needed information is obtained as quickly as possible.

24 Hour Observation

When a pet undergoes a medical procedure, they will typically need to remain at the hospital for several days for monitoring. An emergency vet clinic should offer around the clock staff that will be present should a pet’s condition deteriorate and require further medical intervention. There is nothing scarier than fearing that a pet will be alone when sick, but 24/7 staff will keep them safe during a medical crisis.

The key to saving a pet experiencing a medical emergency is timely intervention. The team at Holistic Veterinary Healing is a full-service healthcare provider and has the equipment to treat a wide array of emergency issues. Visit website to learn more and see why they have been a trusted provider of emergency care for more than ten years.

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