Plenty of people dislike going to the doctor, especially for something as minor as occasional aches and pains. Unfortunately, ignoring your body can have some uncomfortable consequences, especially when it comes to ingrown toenails. While you may think this is something you can handle on your own, here are some reasons you should see a doctor for an ingrown toenail in Joliet.

Potential Infection

If your toe is red, swollen, or leaking fluid/pus, you could be looking at an infection. Left untreated, this infection could spread to the bone and cause some serious damage. If you try to treat it yourself, you could make the situation worse and spread the infection. A doctor can help treat the infection so that you feel better and heal faster without permanent damage to your foot.


Some people are more prone to ingrown toenails than others, but a number of things can increase your chances without you even knowing. Wearing tight shoes, cutting the nail improperly, fungal infections, and many other things can increase your chances of a painful ingrown nail. With some tips from a doctor, you can be better about taking care of your feet.

You May Need Minor Surgery

Minor cases of ingrown nails can be treated by lifting the nail slightly from the skin with cotton or some other material, but more severe cases could require removal of at least part of the nail. If you’re having difficulty with an ingrown toenail in Joliet, it’s best to consult experts like Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates.