Every family runs into problems from time to time. Sometimes these problems can be more severe and require the help of a family law attorney in Orange County. This professional is skilled and experienced with the expertise to help you through the legal process. Most people think of family attorneys only in cases of divorce, but there are many other situations where they can help.

Custodial Issues

Sitting down to determine a custody agreement is often difficult. If both parents are under the impression that they have the better style of parenting, this can lead to a long legal battle. This is not a situation someone should take on themselves. Having a family law attorney in your corner means being aware of all the laws that relate to your case. Your attorney can provide advice on your right and represent you when the time comes for it.


If you are in the process of adding a new family member through adoption, you need a family law attorney in Orange County. Having legal help means understanding all of the forms and documents that must be filled out and signed to complete the process of adoption. You’ll also have someone who can explain what types of adoption are available and what options you have.

Domestic Abuse

It doesn’t matter if the abuse is emotional, physical, or sexual, it should always be taken extremely seriously. While your first step is often going to be contacting the police department, your next step might be hiring a family law attorney. Your attorney in Orange County can help you get a restraining order and make sure you are protected from the abuser. If needed, this person will also represent you at trial.

Legal Advice

Even if all you need is a dose of legal advice, a family lawyer can assist you. An attorney can help you with protection against a family member or help you work out the details for a prenuptial agreement. The legal advice you get can assist you in receiving the result you want. Lawyers have tons of knowledge in all sorts of areas and can help you choose your next steps.

Experienced Assistance Nearby

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