If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you have a lot of choices to consider. Round cut engagement rings offer many options and may be one of the best selections on the market today. In fact, this type of ring is so versatile, you might have a hard time deciding which one to buy.

Solitaire Diamond Round Cut Engagement Rings

Would you like the classic look of a large round diamond for your ring? If you have an impressive stone, this is one of the best ways to feature it. However, you do not need an expensive or impressive diamond to have an exceptional solitaire ring. After all, even a smaller stone will appear large when it is the only diamond and if it is properly accented with the right design.

Three Stone Rings

Do you want something with a great deal of fire and sparkle? Consider three diamond round cut engagement rings. One popular selection is the past, present, and future, ring. It features three exquisite round diamonds of equal size, with each one representing an important time in your life, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You also can choose to have a larger diamond in the middle. This three stone selection is perfect for couples celebrating an engagement or three years of marriage.

You can buy three stone rings with white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold settings. If you like contrast in your ring, choose a rose or yellow gold setting with white diamonds.

Halo Rings

Halos are some of the most popular round cut diamond engagement rings on the market today. You may choose to have a large round center stone, surrounded by one or more rows or halos of smaller round diamonds. All white diamonds will provide a great deal of sparkle. However, many women prefer the contrast of yellow and pink diamonds or other combinations.

Cluster Rings

Maybe you cannot afford a ring with a large 2 carat stone in the middle. Why not take a look at some of the cluster round cut diamond engagement rings? Some cluster rings are made like halo rings and they feature smaller diamonds set together to provide the appearance of one large diamond. Cluster rings will give you a lot of bling for your dollar, and can be very impressive.

Flower Rings

Flower rings are becoming popular and you can choose from several shapes. Many people enjoy the flower motif along with sparkly diamonds. You can buy a lovely flower engagement ring with about .42 carats of diamonds for under $500 when you know where to shop.