If you are looking for something to add to your wardrobe that is stylish, comfortable and versatile then you need to get a three quarter sleeve cardigan. There are many times that wearing a cardigan is useful. Here are a few ways you could use your cardigan

1. Football Games – when football season comes along the air gets cool and crisp in the evening. If you plan on going to any football games in the fall then you will need to have something warm to wear. Sometimes when you first arrive at a game it is still pretty warm outside though and you don’t want to get too hot. This is when having a cardigan to wear comes in so handy. You can wear a lightweight shirt with some comfy jeans and then when the temperature drops and the weather gets colder it is easy to slip on your three quarter sleeve cardigan and stay warm.

2. Nature Walks – if you like going outside and exploring the beauty of the world around you it is a good idea to dress warmly. Sometimes when you go out walking the weather turns cold and you need to bundle up to stay warm. If you have a cardigan with you this won’t be a problem.

3. Wear a Cardigan to Work – Many people find that the temperature inside their work or office building is much colder than the temperature outside. Something office buildings are kept especially cool. If you find that you are always a bit chilly at work you may want to stock up on three quarter sleeve cardigans to bring along with you. That way you can bundle up anytime you start to feel chilly.

Coordinate With What You Have

Another great thing about a three quarter sleeve cardigan is how easy it is to coordinate it with your existing wardrobe. They can be worn over regular t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts. They can also be worn over shells. The shorter sleeve style is very stylish and will not get in your way as you go about your day to day activities. And if you are a woman who has shorter arms a three quarter length arm is much better for you because you won’t have to worry about rolling the sleeve up to keep it out of your way.