Arguably the most important component of any motor vehicle is its wheels. Wheels in Fargo ND determine everything from how well cars handle around turns to how effective its brakes are. The important role that wheels play in the vehicle’s performance makes it vital that those planning to upgrade choose wisely.

Size Upgrades

Upgrading to larger wheels can give a vehicle’s tires more purchase. There are two ways to increase a tire’s contact patch: making it longer or making it wider. Of course, longer patches require a larger diameter tire. This may make sense in a four-wheel-drive truck, but it is prohibitively difficult to put larger diameter wheels on most passenger cars.

That leaves passenger car owners with one option: make the wheels wider. The industry standard is to add an inch to the rim size to give tires more surface area without sacrificing engine performance or creating unnecessary challenges. This is usually known as a Plus 1 upgrade.

Avoid Tire Rub

Most cars employ a centering hub to keep the wheel precisely centered. It’s important for drivers to check the size of their centering hubs prior to purchasing new wheels, as not all wheels fit all hubs properly. While spacers are available that allow differently sized wheels to be added to a centering hub, industry experts don’t advise going this route as it can upset steering geometry or overstrain the wheel bearings.

Maintaining Clearance

It’s a good idea to only buy Wheels in Fargo ND that are either the same size as the existing wheels or no more than one inch larger. While Plus 2 and Plus 3 size upgrades are available, they can negatively impact the vehicle’s clearance in addition to leading to unwanted tire rub and other unexpected troubles. Keep in mind that it’s important to balance fashion with function. A car with wheels that look cool but fail to provide adequate handling and clearance is no good to anyone.

Buy Online

After taking all appropriate measurements, it’s time to look into purchasing new wheels. Visit to view the selection of wheels available online and place an order using their personalized ordering system.

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