678534_mWhether you are repairing the roof on your current home or buying a home there are a few things that you should know about roofing types. One of the primary considerations of any roof is the pitch, there are roofs which are classified as low slope and of course those that are classified as steep slope. In most cases the pitch of a roof is an important element in the price of the roof as well as nay repairs that need doing; some roofing contractors will refuse work if the roof pitch is too great.

The numbers may vary a little from place to place but generally speaking any roof with a pitch of 15 degrees or more is considered to be steep. From a construction point of view the issue with these roofing types is that everything that is used on the roof must be secured otherwise they will slide off under gravity. This factor requires that the roofers take extra precautions and as a result, if your home has a steep pitched roof you can expect to pay more for repairs.

Although the price of roofing tasks has a lot to do with the roofing types, a steep slope roof should not be disregarded because of that. Steep slope roofs have benefits that low slope roofs do not; shingles tend to last longer and they are considered very aesthetically pleasing. Homes with a flat roof or a roof with very low slope do not fare as well in wet weather as water can accumulate. There is no real good reason not to consider a home with a high pitch roof.

All roofing types have a single purpose, to keep the interior of the building dry and they do this by directing water in the direction of the ground. If the roof on a house is too flat the water cannot be removed effectively from the surface, this is one of the main reasons why flat roof homes are found mostly in dry, hot climates.

Knowing the pitch of the roof on your house can help you determine in advance what the cost of repairs might be as well as knowing any water problems that you might face. Although many people are tempted to repair their own roof, it is a good idea to call in professionals to deal with any problems on steep roofing types as they have the skills and equipment to do the work safely.

There are many roofing types but they are generally grouped into either low or high slope. Each type of roof has its own benefits and drawbacks but they eventually will all need repair and maintenance. You are invited to contact StormForce of Jacksonville if you are experiencing any problems with your roof.