In order for septic tanks to work properly, they need attention from time to time. Along with general maintenance, it is important to make sure Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa takes place in a timely manner. Failing to do so can lead to some situations most homeowners would rather avoid. Here are a few examples.

Something Smells Rotten

No matter how much air freshener is used in the house, there is still an unpleasant odor that seems to emanate from everywhere. What is happening is that the septic tank is backing up into the plumbing. The smell is coming from every drain in the house. The only way to get rid of the offending odor is to call for a professional Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa. Once the tank is cleaned, and the right balance of bacteria is introduced once again, the smell will be gone.

Soft Spots in the Yard

As the tank fills to capacity and begins to overflow, the raw waste will seep into the surrounding ground. That will result in soft spots in the yard that begin to take on the look of a small swamp. In the worst case scenario, the area becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Having the tank emptied and cleaned will eliminate the problem and return the yard to a normal state.

Problems with the Foundation

If the cleaning is put off long enough, the seepage can get under the foundation. As the ground softens, the foundation may begin to crack. That, in turn, will create structural problems for the entire house. Rather than run the risk, it makes sense to have the tank checked periodically and schedule complete cleanings before it can overflow and set the stage for this serious problem.

Homeowners can find more info here about the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning. If it has been some time since the tank was checked by a professional, call today and make an appointment. Doing so will make it easier to know if the tank needs some sort of repair or if cleaning needs to take place in the near future.