Historically, most fireplace hearths have been made of stone or bricks. These materials are readily available and affordable, and they have worked nicely for that purpose. However, more recently, homeowners have been branching out in the materials used for fireplace hearths. One material that is becoming popular is glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Three attributes of GFRC that make it a great material for Fireplace Hearths in Salt Lake City UT are the material’s strength, low weight, and moldability.

GFRC’s Strength

One attribute of GFRC that makes it a great material for fireplace hearths is its strength. One of the components of GFRC is glass fibers. These glass fibers act as a natural reinforcer and make the material strong. In fact, it is strong enough to not need any additional reinforcing material. Since GFRC is very strong, fireplace hearths made from it typically maintain their position and can support a lot of weight. In addition, they are not easily damaged or cracked.

GFRC’s Low Weight

Another attribute of GFRC that makes it a great material for fireplace hearths is its low weight. Very little sand and stone are used in the production of GFRC. Instead, it is composed of concrete and glass fibers. Because of this, GFRC tends to be much lighter than other common fireplace hearth materials. In addition, it is possible for GFRC to be very thin, which further reduces its weight.

GFRC’s Moldability

The third attribute of GFRC that makes it a great material for fireplace hearths is its moldability. Fireplace hearths are meant to be both functional and beautiful. Many homeowners would consider them to be the focal point of a room. GFRC is the perfect material to make fireplace hearths with intricate and delicate designs because it is very malleable. It can fill molds of all sizes easily, and the finished product is free of pinholes.

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