Grooming is more than just an aesthetic concern. Periodic bathing, cleaning, and nail clipping is also essential for maintaining dogs’ health. Unfortunately, dog grooming isn’t as simple an affair as it may seem.

Many pet parents find that they feel more comfortable taking their dogs to professional groomers than they do bathing their animals at home. Finding the right one isn’t always easy, though. Read on to find a few tips for choosing the right Dog Grooming Center in Clifton VA that can help.

Ask Around

Pet owners should ask other dog owners, kennel managers, or veterinarians for recommendations. If a veterinarian is willing to suggest a groomer or, even better, there is a groomer directly associated with his or her practice, always look into that option first. After all, if a veterinarian is willing to go out on a limb and either work with or suggest a particular groomer it’s usually a good sign.

Check Out Testimonials

After getting some recommendations, do a little bit of extra research online. Look for reviews on third-party sites or customer testimonials on the groomer’s website. While these reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt, they can give an overall impression of whether or not other customers are happy with the services they’ve received.

Get the Details

Call the Dog Grooming Center in Clifton VA with questions prior to scheduling an appointment. Make sure that the groomers and handlers who will be working with the dog have received adequate training. Otherwise, feel free to ask how much experience they have working with particular breeds and whether they are members of any local or statewide groomers’ associations.

Trust Intuition

Pet owners need to trust their dogs’ groomers not just to cut their hair and keep them clean but to prioritize their dogs’ safety, as well. If something seems off, even if it’s not quite clear what, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere for grooming services. Dogs and their owners alike should feel comfortable and confident with the choice.

Get Started Today

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