Many criminal offenses have standard bail amounts set by the jurisdiction in a schedule. Offenses that are more severe or less common must have a bail hearing in which a judge decides whether or not to grant bail and what the amount will be. For Bail Advice in Fort Pierce FL, the family of the defendant may contact a bail bonds agency to figure out how to proceed.

Worries About Safety

In some cases, the family may be worried about the defendant’s safety in jail. There may have been violent incidents in area jails, and the relatives are scared that something bad will happen to their loved one. They want to get knowledgeable Bail Advice in Fort Pierce FL as soon as possible so they can start planning on paying cash bail, providing collateral, or choosing to pay a fee for a bail bond.

Choosing Between Cash Bail and a Bond

The defendant may have enough money for cash bail, or a few family members may be able to come up with it. Nevertheless, paying a very large amount of cash to the court, such as $50,000 or $75,000, ties that money up for weeks or months until the case ends. This can understandably make the men and women uncomfortable. Even though they would have to pay a nonrefundable fee for a bond, they may decide this is a more reasonable choice.

The Setting of Bail

Bail is set higher depending on the charges, the defendant’s criminal background, and whether the judge views this person as a flight risk. The judge also considers whether the defendant appears to be a danger to the community. Interestingly, statistics show that about 95 percent of defendants released on bail make all their court appearances.

Starting on Damage Control

If the person owns a business, has a high-level position in a local corporation or is otherwise seen as an esteemed member of the community, getting out of jail quickly allows the defendant and the family to start doing effective damage control. They can begin working with a defense lawyer as soon as possible. This can be accomplished with the assistance of an agency like Port St. Lucie Bail Bonds. Contact Us to get started.