Tips For Hiring A Service For Grease Trap Disposal

by | May 16, 2018 | Waste Management

Restaurants, food processing companies and other types of businesses processing or preparing food will need to have an effective grease trap system. These systems are often located on-site, allowing for easy scheduling for a service to manage the grease trap disposal on a regular basis.

Water is used in any type of food handling, preparation, and processing facility to flush out the system and maintain the necessary sanitary processing conditions. Unfortunately, the water used for these cleaning, rinsing and preparation services contains grease, fats, oils and other solid materials which cannot be safely disposed of through the municipal sewer system.

On-Site Options

A simple, safe, secure and cost-effective option is to use an on-site way to trap and dispose of the grease and solids, while also allowing the water to be channeled into the sewer system.

Having these systems on-site means less frequent need for grease trap disposal through the dewatering process. Rather than having to pump and haul the liquid and the solids, there is only the need to remove the solids in the dewatering container, which is much less costly.

The Benefits

With the choice of an on-site dewatering and grease trap disposal system, the business can ensure they are always fully compliant with all local codes and regulations. This can eliminate any concerns about these environmental and health and safety violations while also allowing the business to save money.

The dewatering systems can be set up where needed on the commercial property. They can also be customized to meet the needs of the business with regards to the volume of water and grease coming into the system. Larger units are available to accommodate large volumes of water and waste materials, while smaller units are very low-cost and affordable for smaller restaurants and food processing facilities.

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