There’s no denying drug addiction is an incredibly tough subject to deal with. Whether you are the one struggling with any sort of drug dependency or you know someone who is struggling, the topic can be difficult to understand. The sheer amount of misinformation certainly doesn’t help matters and can even hinder the recovery process and the effectiveness of drug treatment programs. However, you cannot properly help your loved one or yourself if you are misinformed about how addiction works.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most common myths surrounding addiction and drug treatment programs.

A Relapse Forces You to Start All Over Again.”

Relapses are incredibly common throughout the recovery process. In fact, quite a few patients at modern drug treatment programs have relapsed or are at risk of relapsing at least once. However, modern treatments, such as Ibogaine, are slowly lessening the possibility. Should you relapse during your recovery journey, know it is not your fault. You have not regressed, and you can continue recovering in spite of this setback. The decision to recover is a powerful one you can realize with effective support from drug treatment programs, medical professionals and the people you know and love.

Addiction Is a Matter of Personal Strength.”

It can be debated that the mere act of using an addictive substance for the first time is a conscious decision. However, addiction in and of itself is not a conscious act. Someone who is struggling with addiction can’t just get over it through sheer force of will. Studies show addiction is a form of physical and mental illness that requires specialized medical treatment. The best drug treatment programs recognize this fact and tailor their patient care services to help them heal as effectively as possible.

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