Thousands of families travel to an array of destinations very year or family vacation time. Traveling with kids under the age of 12 can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping them well behaved in one of the hotels in Irvine CA area. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get though it with less arguing, yelling, threatening, and fewer calls from the front desk:

TV and Games– let your children spend some time watching TV. Most hotels have cable and for many families this is a unique opportunity to enjoy shows normally not seen at home so take advantage of that. You can also play games together as a family and just enjoy something fun and different together.

Books– make sure you pack some books and other reading material for children, let older ids read to themselves and for younger kids spend some time reading quietly to them. It can help keep them calm and quite in a new place while they settle in.

Quite Time– let them have some quite time to themselves where they can read, color, take a nap, play a game, or watch things out the window- just set aside time for everyone to be calm and quite for a time.

Outdoors- take the kids out of the hotel room and take advantage of amenities the hotel may offer such as a pool where they can burn off some energy and be a bit louder and act a little crazy without being too much of a bother to others.

Lights Out- observe a set lights-out time each night were they need to be in bed either reading or playing quietly so they can be getting ready for bed and so they can begin to calm down and relax for the night- it will make final bed time easier and less stressful for everyone.

Children are welcome at Atrium Hotel, so get the kids ready and book your reservations today with this great hotel in Irvine, CA.