Photography is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. A wedding photographer captures every aspect of the day, but needs to always keep your needs and preferences in mind. When shopping for the best wedding photographer for your special day, consider these things first.

1. Do you want engagement photographs too? Many couples forget how nice it can be to capture the period before the wedding. Wedding photographs are great—they offer you memories of the event itself. But engagement photos add a lot of depth to your family albums. They show you during some of the happiest times of your life, in a more natural setting than the wedding photos can offer. Of course, once you get married there is no turning back to the engagement time so you need to plan ahead and consider if you want a photographer to take engagement photos.

2. What kinds of wedding photography do you like? A good way to learn about your own taste, style, and aesthetics is to browse other people’s wedding photos. You can look online on sites like Pinterest or you can look at your friends’ wedding photos. When you start to see examples of photos that you like or do not like, you will have a frame of reference to show to the wedding photographer in New Jersey.

3. Special features. Wedding photos can include a plethora of candid shots as well as posed pictures of the bride, groom, and guests. Or, the wedding photographer can use black and white for special effects in specific shots. Will the wedding be outdoors or inside? All of these issues can be worked out and discussed with the wedding photographer in New Jersey so that you receive the exact wedding photos you are looking for.