Sometimes a septic tank is smaller than advisable for a family who wants to move into a rural home. That tank must be able to manage all the water and waste that is flushed or drained into the system. The family may still be able to avoid overloading the tank by taking certain precautions. One would be to hire septic tank system services in Conroe, TX, to pump the tank every year.

The One-Year Pumping Service

After one year, technicians from septic tank system services in Conroe, TX, will be able to evaluate the family’s use of the tank as soon as they lift the lid. Sometimes, for example, there is a thick layer of toilet paper floating on top that should not be there.

Toilet Paper Considerations

This indicates the household is using far too much paper and is probably using a product that does not degrade quickly. Toilet paper used in septic tanks should break down quickly in liquid. Some products do not, however. Multi-ply, quilted versions, for instance, can hold up for a long time.

No Flushing of Paper Towels

In addition, the household residents may be under the misconception that paper towels are OK to flush down the toilet. Those also typically do not break down quickly and may be part of the paper layer floating on top. Additional tips can be provided by workers the first time they come to pump the tank. This project can be completed by Texas Pride Septic Inc, which provides contact information at You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.