There are plenty of great reasons to make your home more energy efficient. Not only can you save some serious cash by incorporating more intentional design and operation into your home, but you’ll also make a positive impact on the earth’s environment. First and foremost, have an electrician Madison, WI evaluate your home to check for issues and potential modifications. Then, take your own steps to become an energy efficient homeowner.

Start with Simple, Everyday Changes

One of the biggest culprits of overused energy is heating and cooling a home. Everyone’s comfort level differs but try to work your way to a more responsible number to use your HVAC more efficiently. When the weather turns cold, layer up and use blankets to stay cozy. In the summer months, use your ceiling fan and keep cool water nearby instead of blasting the air conditioning all season long. Your residential electrician Madison WI may also recommend that you unplug all devices, chargers and even electronics when not in use. This can lower your electric bill and protect against power surges or even fires. Finally, avoid using hot water whenever doing laundry. It takes serious energy to heat large amounts of water and many detergents are designed to be just as effective when used in a cold wash cycle.

Upgrade Wisely

While there are plenty of changes you can make without spending a dime, it can be beneficial to invest in some wise upgrades for your home. For starters, switch to energy efficient light bulbs. If you’re unsure of the best wattage to use in your situation, talk to your electrician Madison, WI to make the right choices for every space. Install new shower heads designed to save water, and switch to Energy Star appliances. Have your HVAC system serviced regularly to ensure maximum performance. Consider resealing or replacing your windows and doors to block drafts and maintain indoor temps.

When it comes to making your house more efficient, seek evaluation from an electrician Madison, WI first. With guidance, intention and planning, you can seriously reduce your energy costs and your impact on the environment while taking the best care of your home.