Sugar Land, Texas summers are very hot and sunny, so area residents are careful to protect their homes from the heat and glare. While many install awnings and even invest in patio covers, these projects can be expensive. Those searching for a faster, less expensive option often turn to solar screens. Suppliers who provide solar screens in Sugar Land TX offer roll-up and fixed panels. Once installed, screens help lower heating and cooling costs. They filter damaging UV rays and increase home privacy.

Solar Screens Help Keep Homes Cool

Homeowners who order solar screens in Sugar Land TX often want to reduce heating and cooling costs. The screens help keep heat outside of homes, where it can be released into the air. Screens can block as much as 90% of rays and reduce temperatures up to 60 degrees, which means rooms are more comfortable. Experts advise that installing solar screens may reduce energy costs as much a 30% in a hot climate. Screens can also help in the winter since they help keep heat inside the house when it is cold outdoors. Most homeowners recoup the cost of screens within a year or two.

Solar Screens Can Prevent Sun Damage

Many clients who want to protect their belongings from sun damage contact Lone Star Glass, Inc. about solar screens. The sun’s UV rays can cause furniture, art, wallpaper, and flooring to fade. Solar screens filter UV rays, which protects homeowners’ property. It also protects residents, since prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause skin damage. In addition to acting as filters, screens cut glare, making it easier to work on computers and watch TV during the day.

Solar Screens Increase Privacy

Clients often order solar screens to increase their privacy. It is impossible to see into rooms once screens are installed; however, residents have a clear view outdoors. In fact, solar screens work like sunglasses, and often make it easier to see outside on sunny days.

Homeowners who live in warm climates often install solar screens that help keep rooms cool and filter out damaging UV rays. Solar screens also increase privacy without obstructing the view from inside homes.