People don’t usually know much about bail until the worst has happened and they or one of their loved ones has been arrested. Posting bail is not an especially complicated thing, but people should be familiar with the process so they do not get stressed when the time comes to post County Bonds in Oklahoma City. Here is how to do just that.

Posting By Themselves

If the defendant has enough money, they are certainly free to post bail by themselves with no help from a bail agent. To do this, they just need to wait to see the judge. During the initial court appearance, the judge will set the amount of bail. The person then just has to post the amount using either their own money or the money of a loved one. They will then need to show up to their court dates and follow all rules set forth by the court. If they adhere to all rules, the bail money will be returned.

Hiring A Bail Agent

If the defendant does not have the funds available, they or their loved ones may seek to hire a bail agent to pay the County Bonds in Oklahoma City. To do this, the process is fairly simple. The first thing to do would be to contact the bail bond agency and ask what their rates are. The agent will charge a premium to pay the full amount of bail on behalf of the defendant.

The premium is based on a percentage of the total bail amount, usually ten percent. This premium is non-refundable. As a rule, some form of property will need to be put up for collateral in case the defendant does not follow the rules of the court. If the defendant breaks the rules, they will be re-arrested and the bail will be forfeited to the court. The bail agent will then keep the collateral and the defendant or their family will see nothing in return.

Remember to always look for a bond agency that advertises a 24-Hour Emergency Service. This is because arrests typically happen at inopportune times and the bond agent needs to be available at all hours.