Top 9 Things to Look for while Home Cleaning in Phoenix

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Cleaning

When it comes to hiring home cleaning in Phoenix, homeowners need to be diligent in reviewing the background and services offered by the cleaning company. Before choosing a particular company, homeowners should make a list of the services that they require. They should also ascertain if the service will provide the equipment and can work around homeowner’s schedule.

Look for Equipment

The first thing to consider is the equipment provided. Sometimes, home cleaning in Phoenix will require the homeowner to provide the cleaning products. Homeowners should find out what they will need to provide before hiring a company.


A house cleaning service that is larger than one or two employees will normally be bonded. This protects the homeowner because it ensures that the cleaning service legally guarantees that the work will completed.

Are They On Time?

If the housekeeper shows up late for their first appointment, they probably are not going to be punctual in the future. Homeowners should not expect to wait most of the day until the cleaner shows up, so they need a home cleaning in Phoenix service that is conscientious.


Bonding and insurance matters. If the housekeeper is a professional, they will have insurance. This helps to protect the homeowner against any on-the-job mishaps, theft or accidents.

References and Reputation

Before hiring home cleaning in Phoenix, homeowners should always review the service’s reputation. They should check to see if the service is backed by positive testimonials and feedback. Any good cleaning service will have references to validate the quality of their work.


Depending on the state, getting a license as a maid can be a rigorous process. By having a license and complying with state requirements, the maid demonstrates that they are professional and committed to their profession.

Customized Cleaning Options

Each home or apartment is unique. The amount of cleaning or types of services may vary between different homes. A good cleaning service will work with the homeowner to create a customized cleaning plan. From washing dishes to monthly attic cleanings, the cleaning company should be able to modify their services to suit the homeowner’s needs.

Contractual Options

Some cleaning services require users to sign up for regular cleaning services. If this is what the homeowner wants, then choosing this option is fine. For many homeowners, a cleaning service that offers contractual options and single-occasion cleaning will be a better choice. The homeowner should decide if they want weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. Often, the better cleaning services are willing to work with the homeowner’s schedule and needs.


The last thing to check for may be the most important: the cost. Homeowners have to find a cleaning service that meets their budget. Although quality matters, the homeowner must be able to afford the service in order to have it. Before hiring a cleaning service, the homeowner can get quotes from different companies. They should also make sure that they know exactly what services are covered in the cost.

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