During growth, the teeth may tend to grow in an improper manner. This can lead to poor alignment of teeth and problems such as cross bite where the lower and upper jaw, do not meet as they should. Other complications include overlapping teeth or teeth that are not uniform in height. This can cause a series of dental issues resulting from the misalignment of teeth alone. Conventional treatment for teeth alignment that has been used over the years is braces. These are metal supports that are fitted to encourage teeth to grow in the desired way.

Invisalign, Green Lake WI is modern tooth alignment solution that functions in much the same way as braces do. They cause the teeth to shift back into position when worn over a period of time. Metallic braces are not very good looking, invisalign on the other hand is just like braces only this time made of plastic rather than metal. They are computer generated using advance three dimension software that creates just the right shape derived from imaging of the current tooth alignment pattern. They help achieve the intended tooth alignment over a period of time.

Treatment using this modern technology involves first of all having your tooth arrangement assessed in order to determine just how invisalign will be used to achieve the perfect smile. After this, images of the teeth are taken and feed into the computer software that is then able to generate three dimension graphics of the right shape of the invisalign that will be used.

These computer generated plastic braces are then given to the patient to wear for a certain period usually lasting two weeks after which assessment is then done to determine how effective the treatment is and also to generate a new brace that will help further shape the tooth, this cycle is repeated until the correct dental alignment is achieved.

Invisalign is very comfortable not only as a brace bat also due to the fact that it is completely invisible one can barely know that a patient is going through this form of dental treatment. Since they are removable cleaning and oral hygiene during the treatment is much more manageable.

The best part about this mode of treatment is that the dentist can carefully give you the desired tooth alignment in a gradual and less painful manner. Since the moulds are computer generated, it is a highly efficient and accurate system that offers only the best of results.

This form of treatment is only offer by dentists who have undergone the invisalign, Green Lake WI training and is therefore not available at all dental hospitals. Training ensures that the dentists totally understand the technology in order to give the most accurate and effective treatment.

If you have complications, especially with tooth alignment, you can visit an invisalign doctor and begin your treatment process. For more information on this mode of treatment and other services, contact Silver Creek Dentistry.