A swimming pool liner is an effective means of protecting the pool’s integrity. Linings can experience wear and tear over time with the constant assault of chlorine. Rips and tears in the liner indicate the need for replacement. Once a replacement has been determined, these are the ways to prepare for the installation.

Take time to clean out the pool before the swimming pool liner installation in Connecticut. Clean out the pool of all inflatable toys and other objects that may block the movement of water out of the pool. In addition, disconnect, remove, and temporarily store any vacuum hoses that are a part of the pool cleaning equipment. Hoses will have to be rinsed and dried before storage to ensure they don’t crack. This is also a good time to inspect them for damage.

Have a plan for refilling the pool. While a water hose is an effective means of filling a pool, it can take quite a while to fill it with this method. If there is a desire to use the pool quickly, there are faster means of filling up. Check out local services that may help with filling the pool at a faster rate. Make sure to keep an eye on the water levels and try to utilize water that is as clean as possible.

Acquire extra chemicals for the time after the pool is refilled after the Swimming Pool Liner Installation in Connecticut. Having the chemicals on hand will save time in restoring the balance of the pool. Because replacing the lining requires draining the entire pool, the new water will not have the same chemical composition. It will have to be shocked before the pool can be utilized. Make sure to read the directions on the amount of chemical to utilize for the approximate amount of water going into the pool.

Installing a liner will increase the lifespan of the pool. Preparing ahead of time will help to restore the pool to its full usage. Make sure to clean out the big items of the pool such as the vacuum. Plan on how to replace the water and have extra chemicals on hand. Visit Treats Pools and Spas for questions regarding the installation.