What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

by | Mar 1, 2012 | Health And Fitness

For many people suffering from Colonic or Rectal discomfort, or those looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle in the Las Vegas metro area, Colon Hydrotherapy in Henderson is a safe, and gentle way to provide comfort and a higher quality of life. It is also a highly effective way of removing toxins and dangerous chemicals trapped in the colon and large intestines, significantly improving the entire digestion process for any client.

Colon Hydrotherapy in Henderson involves a process which is both safe and gentle for anybody looking to cleanse their digestive system. This process begins with a gentle infusion of water to the colon, administered by a pencil thin rectal tube inserted in the rectum. There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in this process and the Colon Hydrotherapy session is both effective and relaxing. During this treatment, the client will lay in complete comfort as a very small speculum is slowly and very gently inserted in the rectum while filtered, warm water circulates through the colon, removing toxins and other waste products.

State of the art hydrotherapy equipment uses a multi-stage purification system, which completely eliminates the possibility of contamination of any previous treatments or impurities entering the body. The process is entirely discrete and private, which allows waste products to be disposed without odor and preserving the privacy of each client. After each Colon Hydrotherapy session, the chamber is completely cleaned and disinfected.

Some of the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy in Henderson include:

* Weight loss and reduction through proper cleansing of fecal material trapped in the colon and large intestines.

* Achieve a flatter stomach area and remove love-handles

* Remove harmful chemicals and toxins trapped in the digestive system

* Vastly improve the condition of your skin

* Increase the sexual drive for both men and women

The Colon Hydrotherapy session is not simply just a cleansing session, but a full-service process which includes light massage that allows waste products to gently be removed from the inner walls of the colon and washed away cleanly through a highly effective waste removal system. During the session, the water pressure and temperature is also carefully monitored by each colon hydrotherapy specialist in Henderson offices, ensuring most effective use of this process.

Most Colon Hydrotherapy sessions usually last 45 to 60 minutes in length and it is recommended that each visitor completes at least three sessions for maximum affect. This will ensure that all fecal material is properly cleansed and removed and this also keeps each person hydrated properly. During these sessions usually 25-30 gallons of water truly cleanse your large intestine with the assistance of breathing techniques and massage therapy. The process is painless and very relaxing for each patient.

Colon Hydrotherapy in Henderson, Nevada locations are a truly relaxing and painless procedure which puts your privacy and health first. The entire process is quick, discrete and very affordable for any clients of a health and wellness center.

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