When it comes to making a trip to a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie, everyone comes out a winner. While the focus is usually on how clean and well-groomed the dog emerges, the fact is that the owner also gains a few benefits from the deal. Here are some of the good things that will come out of that visit.

No More Tangles

Dogs with thicker coats are more prone to tangles that can be difficult to smooth out. Owners who try to manage the task on their own often get frustrated with the slow progress. The attempts by the owner are not usually all that pleasant for the pet either. Since a professional with a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie knows how to relax those tangles and restore a smooth texture to the coat, both pet and owner will live through the grooming with less frustration.

Properly Trimmed Nails

Attempting to trim the nails of the family dog is no mean feat. Most dogs are not all that crazy about anyone messing with their paws. That includes their beloved owners. The result can be that the nails are trimmed too closely and cause a lot of pain. That does nothing to calm the pet the next time those nails need to be trimmed. By leaving the task in the hands of a professional, there are no worries about trimming the nails too closely. The pet will not be in pain, and the owner will not be wracked with guilt.

A Fresh Coat

One of the essentials of any pet grooming trip is a nice bath and flea dip. The professionals at the service know how to make this fun for the animal. Even pets who normally run at the first sign of the owner grabbing a garden hose are likely to enjoy the warm bath and all the attention received at the hands of a groomer. When it is all said and done, the owner gets to pick up a pet sporting a coat that is clean, shiny, and smells terrific.

Owners should give themselves and their pets a treat. Bring the dog by the Gambrills Veterinary Center for a full beauty treatment. After the first round, taking care of the grooming will never seem so easy.