Whether you want to buy ultrasound machine for the first time or replace a new one, it is crucial to look for the best. With so many types and brands available, ensure you conduct thorough research and compare different ultrasound equipment for sale.

Imaging Mode

This determines how the ultrasound images appear on the screen.

  • A-Mode– This is the simplest, displaying one-dimensional representations of reflected sound waves.
  • B-mode– Also called 2B mode, it displays 2D image representations of the body parts you scan.
  • M-mode– This Mode shows a sequence of successive images, allowing you to see and measure movements and amplitude.
  • Real-time spatial compound imaging– This mode displays sonographic information from various angles, primarily used for breast and musculoskeletal exams.
  • Color doppler imaging– This mode allows you to see and analyze blood flow, its direction, plus vascularization.
  • Elastography– This allows you to determine tissue hardness and diagnose diseases like hepatic fibrosis.
  • 3D/ 4D– This offers three-dimensional images, mainly used on pregnant women.

Image Quality

When you buy ultrasound machine, ensure it has good image resolution plus image-enhancing features.


Also known as probes, transducers are the most important part of ultrasound machines. They come in various sizes, shapes, and features. Depending on what you are diagnosing, you can pass them over the skin or insert them into the body. You can choose linear, curvilinear/ convex, phased array, or endocavitary probes.

Software Requirements And Updates

The software your ultrasound machine uses determines its diagnostic capabilities. You must ensure the ultrasound’s software is compatible with your current hardware and software. You should also determine how much support and updates you will get after purchasing it.

You should also consider your budget, its size and weight, warranty, ease of use, condition, brand, and power output.

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