Auto body technicians repair and restore damaged components and paint areas needing to be refinished. They also replace cracked and broken windshields and other auto glass. When somebody needs auto body repair in Johnson County, the problem may be the result of a collision, vandalism, or storm damage. Sometimes, an unusual incident occurs, like a garage door spring breaking and the heavy door falling onto a vehicle. A representative at the garage can assist with the insurance claim if an automotive insurer will be picking up some or all of the tab.

Auto Body Repair Projects, Big and Small

Sometimes, the job is a relatively small one, like paintless dent removal. This technique is used whenever possible since it does not require repainting the damaged area. Professional service for auto body repair in Johnson County also handles mid-sized projects like replacing the hood, a door, or side panels. Some of the biggest projects include body alignment and frame repair. The intention is always to make the vehicle fully functional again while also doing all the cosmetic work the customer wants to be completed.

Quality and Speed of Work

Another top priority of a garage like Warrensburg Collision is getting the vehicle back to the owner as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the work. The mechanics always emphasize the quality of work over speed, but they do what they can to complete the repairs quickly. Sometimes, insurance pays for a rental car, but otherwise, the owner has to pay for the rental out of pocket or find some other way to get around. Being without a vehicle for any length of time tends to be an inconvenience for most people.

Estimates for Insurers

Insurance companies may only pay the lowest estimate out of the number they require, which might be three estimates. The vehicle owner is not obligated to bring the car to that particular garage, however. The person will probably have to pay the balance out of pocket, but he or she may feel more comfortable with a garage that has a reputation for providing the best work. Contact us to schedule an appointment.