There are a number of articles and blogs online warning medical, laboratory and chemistry equipment buyers about the potential risks of buying from private sellers and from equipment brokers. This is wise advice, but there are highly reputable used lab equipment dealers in the USA that offer top selection, great pricing and highly reliable information about their inventory.

When browsing around online and reviewing websites, there are few important signs to look for in reputable, trusted used lab equipment dealers. By recognizing the signs of a good company, it is easier to shop with confidence for any lab equipment needs.

Extensive Inventory

The established lab equipment dealers tend to offer an extensive inventory of the latest models of equipment. Depending on the specific equipment, it may be sold as used or as refurbished. Refurbished equipment typically has a warranty, and it may be customized to the needs of the buyer.

In most cases, the website is maintained on a regular basis, but inventory can be added or equipment listed can be sold that may not be reflected in the current online listings. Calling into the dealer provides up to the minute information on what is available.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service is an important aspect of any used lab equipment dealers. Look for companies with staff that is knowledgeable and able to provide suggestions, information and relevant details about the equipment they have in stock. Customer service can also include finding the specific equipment you may require that is not currently in the inventory.

Attention to Details

Finally, the best used and refurbished lab equipment dealers provide information on the equipment they have on offer. They also provide all the details and relevant facts on the equipment and instrumentation and ensure all questions about the purchase are answered to the buyer’s satisfaction.