The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body, as they provide a person with vision, which is necessary for depth perception and other sensory related activities. While eyes can remain healthy and require little medical treatment, there are times when the eyelids can begin to sag in older adults and create vision problems by impeding a person’s line of sight. An ophthalmologist can perform Eyelid Surgery in Andover KS and improve a person’s vision while giving them a more youthful appearance. Here is what to expect during an eye lid surgical procedure.


A doctor will first examine a person’s eyes and determine if an eye lid procedure would indeed remedy the problem and restore their vision. They will also make sure they are healthy enough to have the procedure done and examine the eyes to determine the amount of skin that needs to be removed to ensure the lids have a natural look while not creating a vision problem.

Surgical Procedure

Once the initial consultation is complete, the physician can then perform the surgery. To begin, they will use a marker to draw guiding lines that are used to help them remove the proper amount of skin. Once the person is unconscious, they will then begin the procedure of cutting away the excess skin and then use stitches to reattach the lid. The surgery is minimally invasive and takes less than two hours to complete.

Recovery Period

The recovery time for Eyelid Surgery in Andover KS is minimal, but it does require the patient to wear eye patches that completely cover their eyes, which can leave them unable to work or drive for up to a week. Once the patches are removed, most people can resume normal activities. It can take up to four to six weeks for full recovery, and patients are encouraged to avoid strenuous activity and extreme sun exposure.

The eyes have a critical job, so it’s important to keep them in the best shape possible. The team at Grene Vision Group provides a full array of medical services that can ensure anyone has the healthiest eyes possible. Call them today to learn more and see how easy maintaining overall eye health should be.