Fireplace technology has certainly advanced along the way in recent years and decades. We now have units such as the direct vent natural gas fireplace that has replaced the old-style wood-burning fireplaces of the past. These fireplaces are highly efficient and dispense heat into your living area without losing most of it to the surrounding material of the chimney or all the way to the outside air, as the old units did.

The Function of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
The efficiency of these modern fireplaces revolves around the use of a sealed combustion system which keeps the heat sealed inside the unit before it is dispensed efficiently. The end result is that the warm air is distributed into the room by the operation of the fan. The exhaust is vented to the outside from the rear of the unit. The air inside the room is not sullied by the operation of the fireplace.

Operational Efficiency
As mentioned above, the efficiency level these fireplaces is quite high, allowing for as much as 70% of the heat to be preserved and distributed into the living area.

Various Options
You can access various options with your direct vent natural gas fireplace, including:

Piezoelectric or electric spark ignition that may be used when you do not have an electrical hookup to the unit
Millivolt generator that can maintain the functionality of the fireplace when there is no electricity
Flexible exhaust venting options

Low Maintenance
One highly beneficial aspect of the direct vent natural gas fireplace is that it requires very minimal maintenance and cleanup as opposed to wood-burning fireplaces of the past with which many may be familiar.

Match Your Existing Decor
The great functions available with these gas fireplaces are fantastic; however, these units can also be excellent complements to the interior décor of your living space. You can choose the color and style that best matches your interior space and also appreciate the activity of a presentation that accompanies these units.

With your investment made in one of these fireplaces, you will have opened the door to enjoy the cozy warmth they produce on those cool or cold days and nights.