Warmer weather means everyone is headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. It’s also the time that events start to plan to move outside. What should you look for when booking an outdoor venue in Scottsdale, AZ? Here are some factors to consider to ensure success.

Event Necessities

There is a big difference between rustic and primitive. When booking an event outside, you don’t want to do away with some modern conveniences people enjoy today. Just because it is outdoors doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have bathrooms and dining areas available. You may also want to ask about access to power outlets and the availability of Wi-Fi connections. If services are limited, advise attendees in advance so they will be prepared.

Flexible Options

Make sure there are flexible options should the unexpected happen. Is there a plan in place if the weather takes an unexpected turn? Guests should have an alternative if it turns chilly outside or a flash storm appears.

Photo-Worthy Surroundings

With today’s social media craze, people will want to upload short live videos or images from the event. You’ll want to help them positively spread the word, so make sure your outdoor venue in Scottsdale, AZ, has a lovely backdrop or outdoor space with natural elements and good lighting. Depending on the nature of your function, you may want to have a designated place for taking photos.