Smoothies are a great way to grab a healthy breakfast, lunch or to have an additional balanced boost of energy to get you through the day. They are also perfect for a pre or post-workout beverage, and they are so easy to sip and enjoy when you are talking with friends, driving, walking or even spending time working.

In Edina, MN, as well as around the area, it is hard to find a great smoothie. The good news is that there are some of the best smoothie places in the state in the city, but you just have to know where to look.

Healthy Foods

Restaurants that feature healthy food items on their menu are much more likely to offer smoothies. What passes as smoothies in many other types of restaurants are more like milkshakes with fruit or sometimes just with artificial fruit flavoring.

The top smoothie places take the time to choose the best possible ingredients for all of their creations. This includes using pea protein rather than other forms of powdered protein, a perfect option for those on vegetarian or vegan diets.

In addition to the choice of pea protein, look for the best smoothie places to offer drinks without any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavoring. Different types of fruit, including Medjool dates, strawberries, blueberries, and banana provide a nutritious and every healthy sweet flavor to the smoothie.

Fast and Friendly

When you want a smoothie in Edina MN, you always want a restaurant that offers fast, friendly service. In addition to just choosing restaurants with take-out smoothies, look for restaurants that offer a dine-in feature, allowing you to sit down and relax or even invite your friends for a healthy option to a coffee any time of the day.