Patients with qualifying conditions in Orlando, FL, can obtain an MMJ card after receiving a confirmation of a qualifying condition and recommendation for use from a state-registered medical marijuana doctor. Unless the patient’s primary care doctor or specialist is registered and approved, the patient will need to go through a medical marijuana specialist to complete the required exam.

This exam is not a traditional medical exam. Instead, the medical marijuana doctor reviews the patient’s records, current medications, and medical history. In addition, the medical marijuana doctor also talks to the patient about the use of medical marijuana, answering questions, and providing information specific to the patient’s condition or conditions.

Sharing Medication Information

Patients in Orlando, FL, should feel comfortable talking to their medical marijuana doctor. This means sharing information on all current medications the patient is taking, which includes prescription, over-the-counter, or supplements.

While medical marijuana is typically safe to use with most supplements and medications, there are some possible interactions. With many of these medications, the use of medical marijuana decreases the effectiveness of the prescription, which may cause adverse reactions in the patient.

Discussing Prior Use of Cannabis

Most discussions with a medical marijuana doctor include a question about prior use of cannabis, either as medical marijuana or recreational use. Talking to the doctor and sharing any questions or concerns about past experiences with cannabis is helpful in determining the best formulation and dosage for you with this recommendation.

This is also a time to talk to the doctor about any questions you may have about the use of medical marijuana. Your doctor may also provide information or recommended articles specific to the use of medical marijuana with your diagnosis.