Mobile cardiac imaging brings you screenings that normally are only available at a hospital. While hospitals are well-equipped to manage advanced and routine screenings, sometimes more patients need a cardiac evaluation than the hospital has staff. PET and MPI examinations are lifesaving, and they help detect major issues like cancer as early as possible.

Digirad exams in California give patients an opportunity to have PET and MPI exams with the lowest dose of imaging fluid available. The fluid that is injected during these exams is radioactive, enabling a computer to catch signals measuring the heart’s blood flow as well as a digital image of the vessels. Some patients who are concerned about the amount or presence of radioactive fluid will find that they need a miniscule amount of it with a Digirad exam in California, thereby reducing any exposure to chemicals.

Mobile exams are more convenient for the patient. They can be done in the comfort of anyone’s home who needs one. For patients who are not feeling well, are elderly, have many appointments, live far outside of city center, or may need many routinely scheduled PETs or MPIs during a treatment, the mobile exam experience will save potentially hundreds of hours of time and energy.

Mobile PET exams are administered in partnership with physicians around the globe who want to provide gold-standard care for their patients. By working with mobile units, these physicians prioritize in-house staff and ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible.

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