It is no secret to those who are disabled that the very systems that were designed to help them have become badly broken. Disability law has become so cumbersome and confusing that even those in Bedford, PA, with legitimate disabilities have difficulty in getting their applications for Social Security Disability benefits approved. Though SSD was designed to ensure that those who became disabled and unable to work would receive benefits that would enable them to maintain a residence, purchase food, and obtain utilities. However, disability law has failed the disabled that it was meant to serve.

Now, most SSD claims are denied. The reasons behind the majority of denials are as varied as the disabilities represented by the claims, but some economists argue that it is because the Social Security administration is quickly running out of funds and so more and more claims for disability benefits are being denied in an effort to hold on to what little money remains. Others say that those who have broken the law by filing fraudulent claims have led to increasingly greater and greater scrutiny such that even legitimate disability claims are denied. And those within the system argue that there is simply no way to clear the backlog when all personnel are overworked as it is, so claims get denied in an effort to get them out of the way.

Whatever the reasons for the majority of disability cases being denied, clearly there are problems and the system is not functioning in the way it was intended. Even when claims are approved or those who have been denied win appeals, the amount of time that passes from when a claim is first filed to when an eligible claimant begins to receive benefits is sufficient to have caused extreme financial strain. In some cases, family members or charitable organizations step into help, but the very people that disability law was designed to help have been failed by the system.

If you are eligible for disability benefits, one of the best things that you can do is to first consult with an attorney experienced in disability law in Bedford, PA, before ever beginning your application for benefit. Your attorney will have the experience necessary to tell you whether it is probable that you claim will be approved and, if so, will help you to complete the application accurately and completely.

If you have already been denied benefits for which you believe you are eligible, help is available for you as well. Before beginning the appeals process, retain the services of a disability law attorney here in Bedford, PA, who has successfully won appeals of SSD cases in the past. Get the help you need by contacting an SSD attorney today.