Snakes, despite their fearsome reputations, are beneficial to have around outside your home. Depending on the species, snakes eat pests like mice and bugs. Snakes are great, but not when they are in your home. Snakes can be successfully removed from your home by yourself, but only if you know what you are doing. If you have a snake in your home and want it removed right away contact a Wildlife Control Company or local animal control. Here are other times when a professional should do the snake wrangling.

Know The Species

There are many species of wild snakes in Ohio. Three are venomous. Only try and remove snakes that you are positively sure are nonvenomous. Even with these snakes, wear gloves because their bites can hurt or break the skin. If you cannot recognize the snake’s species, do not take any chances and contact a professional pest removal service.

Animal Control Is Too Busy

Ohio animal control officers are hard working public servants, but they are often overworked. Depending on their case loads, it may take hours or days for them to get to your home. The fastest way to remove snakes is by hiring an animal control in Columbus OH service.

You Have Mobility Issues

If you have trouble bending over, getting up and down on your hands and knees or have problems staying balanced, do not try to remove a snake yourself. You may fall and injure yourself. Snakes are fast and able to wedge themselves in surprisingly tiny places. Call an Animal Control in Columbus OH service.

You Keep Potential Snake Snacks As Pets

Nonvenomous snakes of Ohio pose little danger to large pets like dogs and cats. However, Ohio snakes often eat rodents, bird eggs and amphibians. If you keep pet frogs, toads, salamanders, small birds like zebra finches, or pet rodents like gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, fancy mice or hamsters, the snake is going to try to eat them. Do not take a chance that you will be able to keep your pet from the snake. Contact a professional pest removal firm as soon as possible.