HGH (human growth hormone), is the hormone that really fuels our growth andthe development and maintenance of tissues and organs throughout childhood and into adult life. It is made by the gland known as the pituitary gland, found at the base of the brain. The aging process influences the gland and its rate of production. Around the age of 40, the gland begins to reduce the amount of HGH it produces. Therefore, you may want to consider therapy with human growth hormone in Torrance.

Signs of HGH Deficiency and Decline

There are many who show signs of deficiency in HGH earlier in life, and some who are authentically deficient for most of their adult lives. Either way, many experience a list of recognizable signs that the condition is occurring. For example, increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, decreased  bone density and low exercise capacity are all signs that low levels of HGH are produced. High blood pressure, enlarged breast tissue in men, joint and nerve pain, hair loss and chronic fatigue are also signs that HGH deficiency is an issue. Having treatment with HGH may be the ideal solution.

Treatment with human growth hormone in Torrance can help to reverse many of the issues that the condition can cause or present. You may see a decrease in body fat, increase in lean muscle mass, improvements in bone density, increased stamina, and a reduction in the symptoms of depression, fatigue and more.

The options for treatment, though, vary. For example, solutions can include the use of the prescription drug known as Norditropin, Omnitrope or Sermorelin Acetate. These must be administered by knowledge experts who understand how to test for low HGH and choose the ideal path necessary to improve production or levels of the hormone.

Getting Help

If you are in the Hermosa Beach area and feel you might deficient in HGH or suffering a level of production that is so low it is affecting your health, get in touch with company. Their mission emphasizes improving lives through hormone therapies, including HGH therapy in Hermosa Beach, and they will certainly be able to help you restore your physical and mental health and wellness.